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Abbriviation for WarCraft3, the best game to play when Counter-Strike is pissing you off.
"enough with this CS bullshiz0rz, it's time to play a real game"
by PigGuy June 10, 2003
America Off Line, the only way Time-Warner was able to lose $98 Billion.
by PigGuy June 10, 2003
Half-Life's Voice Communication, used most commonly in Counter-Strike, it proves to be good for communication or anoying the hell out of people.
Tomanator: Who threw that flash-bang???
PigGuy: Shut the fuck up and lay off the mic until puberty!
by PigGuy June 10, 2003
A Windows Internet Relay Chat program used mainly by fools who think it's the only way to go on IRC.
SumDumNub: idle/perform #ournubclan on mirc
PigGuy: It's called IRC dumbass, mIRC is just a shitty client.
by PigGuy June 10, 2003

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