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A zombie-like enemy in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time that latches on to you rapes and you to death.
Godammit! The ReDead just raped me to death!
Shit, that ReDead won't stop humping me!
#zelda #nintendo #rape #death #zombie
by Pig Child June 12, 2009
A Copy of pornographic literature.
Porn, Pornography, Adult literature.
Porn and Porno are informal examples.
I just found some Skin Magazines under Tommy's bed.
#xxx #porn #porno #adult literature #pornography #smut #erotica
by Pig Child December 25, 2007
An addistive substance, similar to Marijuana
Salad Fingers is addicted to Nettles
#marijuana #pot #hash #drug #narcotic
by Pig Child December 20, 2007
Excrement; Waste matters expelled from the rectum; The product of defecation or bowel movements; Feces;
In other words, shit. Called man egg because it is the only egg a man can lay.
Timmy's dad just laid a man egg!
#excrement #waste matters #feces #shit #poo #poop #fecal #bowel movement #defecate #crap
by Pig Child March 06, 2008
A compact car, usually of Japanese make, that is often fitted with stupid looking accessories like rear wings, stickers of racing parts that you can bet are not even to be found on the car, body kits that scrape the ground, clear tail lights, and a noisy ass exsaust that sounds really annoying. Often painted in polarizing colors or patchy-looking primer. These cars are strictly for youngsters.
Ricers are, for the most part, far more show than go.
Guy 1: Look at that ricer

Guy 2: What, the Honda with the body kit and ginormous wing and blaring exsaust?

Guy 1: Yep
#poser #rice rocket #stupid #rice #honda #fascist #japanese #compact
by Pig Child March 06, 2008
People that are superficial
Often go tanning, watch shitty reality shows on MTV, Wear Hollister, drive SUV's, and make me sick
Tim buys torn-up jeans from Hollister, watches the Real World, Drives a Chevey Tahoe even though he doesn't need all the space it has, and goes tanning daily. What a Poser1
#fake #suburbanite #superficial #jerk #shallow #snob
by Pig Child December 20, 2007
An alternative lifestyle and also a pejorative term for a conformist group of youth that is nearly identical to Emo.
Characterized as having the following traits, regardless of sex: Tight girl jeans; tight band t-shirts; heavy eye makeup; lip or septum piercings; uneven-length hair that is shorter ot the side and back that it is in the front, also died various colors; studded belts; slit wrists due to self-mutilation
I couldn't tell an emo kid from a scene one
#emo #poser #conformist #wannabe #androgynous
by Pig Child March 03, 2008
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