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Myspace wannabe. Popular in Ireland and UK. A big percent members of teens, teens that likes to be cool and adults that likes to be in the teen's community. The most catchy thing in BEBO is where people do a conversation over the "Comments Section" instead using of the private message (what an idiot). Using the "Comments Section" as a list of things to do; Stalker magnet; This is the place where "X" is overly used.

See "myspace" definition for more info, and "comment" definition if you're still confused the difference of "comment" in "private message".
Elena's Comment
I just got back home, I will send you an email later, love ya xxx
2 hours ago

Shiela's Comment
I will not attend the party tommorow because I dont want NATHAN to see me be followed probably I will spend my time in Helena street corner Newburgh, I will spend my time there... yeah.. under the big tree there in the front of the river, yea.. I will only stay there... Love ya xxxxx
2 hours ago

NATHAN's Comment
This is why I love Bebo! xxx
1 hour ago
by Pierre Lescot October 24, 2007

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