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AKA belly button piercing. it's a sexy piercing which can either heal well without problem or get infected. there have been myths that an infection in a true navel piercing can travel inward to the liver or peritoneum, there are no known cases of this occurring.
damn did you see that girls navel piercing, its sexy
by Piercingprincess June 16, 2008
A uvula piercing is a body piercing through the uvula. This is a rare piercing, and although the procedure is relatively simple, many piercers may refuse to perform it. The uvula is an extremely vascular piece of tissue, and heals very rapidly. Uvula piercings may reject, leading to the bisection of the uvula, which although unintentional, is harmless.
gosh man i ould think having a uvula piercing would make you gag but i guess that's very rare
by Piercingprincess June 16, 2008

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