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another way to call somebody a slut
Boy: Hey Girl did you know everybody calls you 7-11?
Girl: Why do they call me that?
Boy: cuse your Legs Never Close
Girl: Thats Mean im telling on you
by PieMast3r July 15, 2009
A girl who thinks she so god dam perfect, but really is just a stupid cock craving bitch whore
you are such a Slutzilla!
by PieMast3r July 21, 2009
Somebody who is Into beastiality but all so has a Pissing Fetish as well.
I think you have a beastial-piss-Fetish
by PieMast3r July 15, 2009
a type dance that you do when you are naked, to make your Nut-sack jiggle by shaking your hips side to side.

(its better with your legs spread)
Guy1: hey dudes how was the party? did you get pissed?
Guy2: he got so pissed he got naked and did the nut dance... it was funny and a little creepy
Guy3: did i really?
Guy1: LOL
by PieMast3r July 16, 2009
a adult game of go-fish

Play follows the standard Go-Fish rules with the following modification The loser must strip one piece of clothing
Me: hey do you wanna play a game of strip go fish
Jesse: ok
by PieMast3r July 26, 2010
to engage in giving or taking up it the arse
also to insert stuff up there too.
Guy1: hey did you know that Jadan's gay?

Guy2: yeah i heard he's into sucking dudes off before school.

Guy3: I hear he takes it wet and sloppy up the pooper!
by PieMast3r March 08, 2010
a evil Fitness freak that shoots lazers out of his nipples
OMG its richard-simmons! run away *Screaming in horror*
by PieMast3r August 27, 2009

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