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1)The sluttiest of all sluts.

2)An STI ridden, extremely promiscuous female of ill repute.

3)One who contains dicks with their "bucket" - referred to as such because buckets are nutoriously dirty.

*only to be used in situations of EXTREME hatred or sluttiest. i.e. it's the worst thing you can say about a female.
"I hate that slut! She slept with my boyfriend! And every other guy we know!"
"Yeah, she's a serious dickbucket."
by Pickleweasels March 14, 2007
Slang synonym for penis or vagina respectively.

Sometimes connotated with having an STD, or just lots of sex.
"Oh man I had so much sex last night I have a Strip of Fire!"
by Pickleweasels March 14, 2007
Sweet, spiffy, and joyous, all in one word. Used only when something is really cool.
"That new video on ytmnd is swipoyous!"

*Someone belts out a hardcore facemelter*..."Dude. .. SWIPOYOUS!"
by Pickleweasels March 14, 2007
Coitus accompanied the culinary delight known as ravioli.

It can be eaten or utilized directly. Creativity is highly recommended and sauce is a must.
"Me and John went to dinner last night, and you know, I thought it was weird at first, but ravioli sex was the best I've ever had!"
by Pickleweasels April 15, 2007
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