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In no particular order...

1. Lives in the band hall
2. Has and honors a book full of the best band geek jokes ever..
3. Duck tapes their drum majors
4. lives for long band bus rides
5. Extremely perverted
6. Accepts band geek as the most honorous title around
7. Only a band geek after hours of grueling band camp, and a full season of marching band
8. Is in every form of band around, jazz, concert, pep, marching
9. Shuns Dorkestra and Choir
10. Loves speaking full converations around outsiders of only band lingo.
11. hums band music all day long
12.loves One day at band camp... jokes
13. NEVER PRACTICES!but still plays awesomely!
14.plays multiple instruments
15. names their instrument
p1"You're such a Band Geek!"
p2"Thank You!"

wow that guy is such a band geek,he named his horn Mel!
by Picc_O_lo April 09, 2009
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