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An inspirational leader capable of swaying peoples opinions with the tip of his finger! A born leader, bent on helping those in need and caring for each of his followers. He is a patriot to his ideals but sometimes contradicts them. But that just makes him closer to humanity. His ideals are hipocracy and moralism. Mostly he is a moralist. True captain's needs outweigh the needs of the many.

1) True Captain DOES NOT BUY BOOTS
2) True Captain: faceless void is the true carry, every other hero is support
3) True Captain runs away at full HP. he needs to survive... for the greater good.
4) True Captain never hesitates to run from a illusion with a chronosphere.
5) True Captain never buys bottle, he gets void stone on every hero that is mana dependent
6) True Captain buys butterfly. period.
7) True Captain does not buy TP. He just doesnt need it!
8) True Captain will brainswap to get the kill. Always.
9) True Captain has inhuman reaction speeds and will do one of the following:
a) Windstick the hero that clockwerk/pudge is going to hook
b) Banish the person that a morphling waveforms into
c) Gets Hooked By teammate pudge.
10) Following up on 9c) True Captain gets hooked. Always.
11) Following up on 10) True Captain gets arrowed. Always.
12) True Captain carried! With two divine rapiers (droped from opponent)
13) True Captain has the ability to mezmerize opponents with unpredictable moves, making them stunned - literally and unable to think properly.
14) True Captain Crits. Always.
15) True Captain does not play support heroes (except drow ranger - silence is a support skill)
16) True Captain Bactracks. EVERYTHING.
17) True Captain does not get first blooded, if he does the game does not count.
18) True Captain knows proper grammar.
19) When True Captain wins, prepare to hear the Walrus Clap (along with giggles)
20) OMG True Captain is evolving... ting ting ting.... True Captain has evolved into Noobiestnoob

True Captain has pwned PicNik
True Captain has pwned Berbagod
Double Kill!
True Captain has pwned Pudginator
Triple Kill!
Killing Spree!
True Captaion has pwned Lord_of_War :(
Ultra Kill!

*Giggle + Walrus Clap*
by PicNikPic April 12, 2011
1) A person who has very low confidence in playing dota and often refers to himself as Noob or noobiest noob. This is of course in an attempt to put down the effort one has to contribute in the game. By refering to him/her self as noob, they believe that teammates expect less out of them and they can get away with being noob (although its really a self confidence issue). Prefered heroes include: Nai'x, Faceless Void, PA, any hero which needs to farm + autoattack. (They dont have confidence to use spells).

2) True Captain
3) True Patriot
4) True Boziatis

5) The Dean
6) NoobiestNoob
7) eagl(without e)_down_under
1) Eh True Captain stop calling yourself NoobiestNoob, you're after all the true captain.

2) NoobiestNoob has entered the room
2 mins later....
NoobiestNoob pulled plug due to low confidence
by PicNikPic April 12, 2011

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