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Modern hippy woman minus the heroin and STD's. Socially aware and active with a penchant for hemp and sodium-free soap. May eat tofu for breakfast and sweeten food with agave syrup. Is determined to save the world.
You know you're granola when you strap your five thousand dollar bike to your five hundred dollar car and vote for Ralph Nader.

Hey, was that Sarah in the SUV?

No way, man, she's a granola girl!
by Phylipswiller May 17, 2007
Man who prefers a laptop to a lapdance. Will send scads of suggestive photographs to online women, but an actual encounter with Emale tends to be disappointing.
Emales can appear to be very outgoing online but are generally shy, insecure people who avoid crowds and cocktail parties.
He was so hot in cyberspace, I wonder what happened?

Don't blame me, I told you he was just another emale.
by Phylipswiller May 17, 2007
A man missing his mojo. Very closely related to the metrosexual, although he is probably not so well groomed and probably doesn't know who Jennifer Hudson is. Tends to be pussy whipped.
Wow, I thought Mack was cool at first, but golly, is he ever emasculated!
by Phylipswiller May 16, 2007
Skanky man. Doesn't use condoms, carries HPV. Prefers hookups to relationships.
Also known as a ladies' man, mack, player.
Pleshawna: I found my man in bed with another woman!

Tenequa: Girl I done told you that fool was a man ho!
by Phylipswiller March 07, 2007

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