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Someone who spends all there time, and everyone else's pretending to be something way better than what they truly are.

Constantly annoying.
Two Words: Miley Cyrus.
by Phychic Master June 16, 2008
Party. Party. Party.
head is blastin? You might be mad crunk, or in mad crunk after-mode!

- Your crazy, after something wild, or dancing, or a party!
- You are being hardcore, about Everythinggggg!
Dude, after that party, I was mad crunk, and did somethings that were probably morally wrong, but whatever, im getting mad crunk again tonight! bamchickawahwahh.
by phychic master May 28, 2008
a term used as split personality. As in someone acts like a goody good with parents, but is really a naughty child.
I know shes a split, but half of her is amazing.
by phychic master May 26, 2008
a dumb, girl who wont get off your jock.
something sleesy, easy, and a pain.

some cheap chick is with your man, dude!
by Phychic Master June 16, 2008
mouths wet, your hungry and it isnt for food. Mainly a man slut. Used when your horny, and you are "salvitating" for something, fun?
after the 3 hours of grinding the hell out of someone, you might be, salvitating for more.
by phychic master May 28, 2008
some jealous blonde hater ;D

i mean if you didnt like us,
why would you spend all your time, screaming "DUMB, FAKE, EASY?" excuseee me, that we might be more advanced.
but no need to be drinking hater-aid!
Why are dumb blonde jokes so short?
So a Brunette might remember them!
by phychic master May 28, 2008
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