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A small town in the Florida panhandle that has all types of white people. You have druggies, nerds, band geeks, preps (most in Gulf Breeze), jocks, wannabe rednecks, and wannabe gangsters (none realize they are in fact WHITE). Most don't have the privilege of knowing what it's like to work a day in your life. They also flunk out of college (first semester) because the curriculum at GBHS sucks!

As for sports, the football team is basically just there to be dummies for other teams. Yet somehow they still think they're the shit... Who knew that winning two games in three years made you cool? Their girls' soccer team lives on legacy alone, and to prove that they couldn't even win the title of District Champs in their own stadium. The score was like 4 or 5 for the other team, 3 for the refs, and none for Gulf Breeze. Suck it, bitches. The volleyball team is no doubt pretty kick ass. Golf is decent, though no one really pays attention to golf except for the players. Sad, but true. And even though it really isn't a sport, their band? Puh-lease! Size isn't everything, fyi. You can still suck when you're big. And as most of you are sexually active, you probably knew this already. And just because you made straight superiors at a competition where your director was in charge of hiring the judges does not mean you're awesome. It actually just means you can't accomplish anything without a biased judges' table present. Especially considering how sick your trumpets sound.
Man, I would never wanna live in Gulf Breeze. That place is full of such skanky preps and bitches who think they're so great.
by Phuketbtch August 08, 2011

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