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a man ,or woman, who has performed sexual acts (whatever they may be, i.e oral, vaginal, etc.) on a woman when she was menstruating, on several different occasions. (a minimum of 3)
guy#1 : Yo dude, i red-winged that girl from the party last night

guy#2 : gross man, thats like the second chick you've done that to

guy#1 : nope, 3rd

guy#2 : that means you're a Red Barron, you sick fuck

guy#1 : yup lawl
by Phreaky Phil April 28, 2010
A game where guys (or sometimes girls) usually in college or at football camp, etc. show their genitals to each other in various formations. When one guy looks at another's genitals, he is called gay or a fag (or both) and is then kicked. How many times he is kicked dependeds on the formation of the genitals.
Guy#1: Hey dude, look at this
Guy#2: What . . . awww sick man
Guy#1: Aha faggot!
Guy#2: What was that, the batwing?
Guy#1: Yea dude, thats three kicks
Guy#2: Fuck the Waiting Game
by Phreaky Phil September 15, 2009

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