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3 definitions by Phondooky

The coital act of a penis pounding a forgotten tampon deep into the female vagina.
I had no idea I was loading the musket. That whore! The ensuing infection will surly cost her!
by Phondooky April 06, 2006
14 8
The use of more than one wad of toilet paper to clean a soiled sphincter.
"I just overheard a dude in the restroom rewad at least 7 or 8 times. I couldn't tell if he was polishing furniture or cleaning his poo clipper."
by Phondooky August 28, 2009
4 3
Copulation between two savage adults of opposite gender wherein the (typically) intoxicated female neglects to jettison her tampon from her menstruating sausage wallet prior to penetration.
"I knew I had been tampounded when Dennis' gentleman's relish didn't dribble from my meat curtains after we boned. He pounded my tampon deep inside me for a solid 40 seconds! It must've absorbed all his spooge too. He fished around for ten minutes before finally hooking and removing it with his Goody brush. Thank gawd!"
by Phondooky June 13, 2013
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