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3 definitions by Phonar Rigby

Word usued exclusively by atheists to describe some who is ignorent to science and fact and convinced that the holy scriptures of their religion is fact

religion + delusion = relusion
the man suffers from relusion

that priest is reluded

the church will relude your children
by Phonar Rigby August 06, 2007
A person who is sexually attracted to flora of all sorts
this includes plants, ferns, trees and flowering plants
"dude how long does your girlfriend spend in the garden"
"dunno a couple of hours"
"god she's such a herbophile"
by Phonar Rigby August 06, 2007
A more exstatic way of saying yes. Abbreviation of yes excellent
"Hey man feel like going to the game tonight"
by Phonar Rigby August 06, 2007