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The name Renee originates from France and means rebirth; typically Renees are drawn to people whose names mean wisdom (eg; Sheba, Sofia/Sophie, Minerva -yes like Harry Potter- ,Hope or even Sonias) and usually form close bonds with these people from an early age. Funny, creative and gorgeous, Renee's only flaw is her short attention span when it comes to trivial things, but when it comes to everything else, if you need somebody to rant to, bitch with or even just someone to listen,she's the person you want. It's really easy to get off track when you're talking to a Renee, it's possible to talk so much that you lose your voice within the first couple of hours of seeing her. She's that person your friends hate because you talk so much about her, despite them never meeting her; she has her own insecurities but tries to never show them, her personality screams of confidence, she's open minded and not afraid to speak her mind, always accepting of people, always ready to try something new, you could just stay at home with a movie or explore the suburbs with her but whatever you do she's sure to create an amazing memory with you. If you have a Renee in your life, keep her close because she's guaranteed to become a cherished, lifelong friend.
Girl 1: Hey what're you guys talking about?

Girl 2: Sophie's talking about that Renee again

Girl 1: Ugh!! That is sooo annoying!! I haven't even met this girl and already I'm sick of her!

Girl 2: I know right!! The way she goes on about her you'd think she's god! "Renee and I did this, Renee and I did that.", and on and on!

Girl 3: Well you'd better get used to it, they're best friends.
by PhoenixnotFelix December 05, 2011

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