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Marapets is a fun, virtual pets game that can be played by anyone! It is very fun though, it includes Clubs,pets(only can have up to twelve, but by a giftbox have up to 15!)Forums and Games and heaps more. If you are in love with neopets, you could of missed all the edvents on marapets
They've still got it on now! As start as a newbie, reach your way up maybe to a staff! The staffs are all very nice. There are moderators as well who help around the newbie/help assitant section to help around.
You can create your own characters, with buying cloths from mara shops in minipet island. Shoes are available as well! But in user shops they are usally expensiver but mara shops cheap! Marapets.com
Ianthe owner of Marapets is always helping around, fixing glitches(you will know what i mean if your on marapets)like problems, and stuff like that. Sometimes he hangs around chatting. Marapets is not strict but neopets, their a bit strict and banning my account for NO reason! Can you believe that?
Marapets are having alot of problems latley. But all the Staff and Moderators are up for help. Today lots of problems have been solved over a few years! Its has been fun on marapets!
Upgrades on marapets helps the site to improve more. I had lots of upgrades since i started! I agree that MARAPETS is WAY FUNNER than kinda boring neopets.
Neopets is a active site. I have been enjoying it since i was 5. Now i have found out marapets i enjoy it more than neopets. Neopets and marapets is very similar but marapets is way fun. First join neopets for a few months.(www.neopets.com) Now take a look at marapets.(www.marapets.com) To compared the calculations are done with MARAPETS the winner. Thats it. If your a neopet lover join marapets and you will see the difference.
Good luck with working up with marapets if your joining!:)
I took me 1 month to get used to marapets. Its a also a bit great way of learning education.

Neopets, fun but nothing i take serious or fun. I dont go on it anymore since my account got banned.
by Phoebe T March 25, 2008

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