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4 definitions by Phobiaz

An uncommon fear of ugliness.
Ugg!! Don't bring that hideous beast in here! You know I suffer from Cacophobia!!!
by Phobiaz April 08, 2006
82 11
An uncommon fear of working with computers.
My Cyberphobia is so extreme, I can't even be in the same room with a computer.
by Phobiaz April 08, 2006
6 0
This is an uncommon fear of dust.
Person 1: AHH! There's dust floating in the air!!!
Person 2: Oh, get over it. I'm sick of your Amathophobia.
by Phobiaz April 08, 2006
6 1
An uncommon fear of poetry.
So my English teacher started reading T.S. Eliot, and I started having a seizure because of my Metrophobia.
by Phobiaz April 08, 2006
18 15