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4 definitions by Phobia

a person youd love to have living under your bed, good company at the very worst of times. someone who undertands what goes thru my head, and knows more about me than i do!
mads get out from under my bed and speak to me!
by Phobia August 30, 2004
Line of coke or 'fix'
'pick up a jovian', 'get me a jovian', 'i did a jovian'
by phobia January 10, 2005
a silly arsehole with no damn life outside of drugs :P
woot! theres jacket with a needle in his eye and e's coming out his ears
by Phobia August 23, 2004
Famous crack head. Knifed a traffic warden in the head when he was given a ticket for parking on double yellows.
You crazy fucking Dann!!!
by phobia February 03, 2005