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An experimental who-knows-what-core band from Corpus Christi, Texas. Signed to Victory Records. One of the most hated bands of all time, commonly referred to as "Unsign the Skyline", hated in conjunction with The Bunny The Bear, who got them signed to the label. They have dimple piercings, and tattoos of pikachu and megaman. Musically brilliant in many ways, but their talent is hid by their self deprecation and introvertedness. Their music is generally too abstract for the common listener, containing long interludes of Behold...the Arctopus-like sweeping and blast beats mixed with random noise. They are EXTREMELY loyal to their fanbase, but many people pretend to be fans merely to troll them. These people are quickly eliminated by the true fans
Troll fan: You guys suck! Go kill yourselves. Your music sounds like a cat and a scene kid being thrown into a fan! My two-year-old makes better music when he tortures his dog with a steak knife! Unsign the Skyline, you're a disgrace to music! It's bands like you that ruined Victory Records, taking fans away from amazing bands like Jungle Rot and Sister Sin!

Diehard fan: Get out of here! Obvious troll is obvious. You're such a failure at trolling you should go hang yourself from a bridge.

Music snob: Hey troll, where did you pick up your taste in music? Did you notice how many times they changed time signatures in that song? And do you even have a clue what scale they were playing in? Design the Skyline reminds me of Thelonious Monk mixed with Spastic Ink and pig squeals. Go get a taste in music you ignorant commoner.

Girl: Matt Ryan ur so hot!! id do anything for u!

Matt Ryan: </3. Forever alone :'(
by Phishstrangler75 February 15, 2012
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