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Usually filled with marching band kids going to a contest! A long bus ride with hand checks, sometimes tongue checks if needed, switching seats to different people to talk, or for other band people to think something is up!! Getting comfortable with one another is the main key to these rides, if you know what I mean. Usually half naked people on this bus once arrived or right after a preformance. You can hear things such as Will you undress me, if your undressing, or Will you zip me up although I wish you were undressing me!
Danny will you zip me up, although you know I wish you were undressing me!! You can do that after we preform though!

"HAND CHECK," Kari, Danny where are your hands?
Give me 5 more mins!!!-Danny, way home from band camp!

One thing you most remember, "what happens on the band bus, stays on the band bus..."

This one time on the band bus...
by Phipps February 20, 2007

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