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Formally: A ⊃ B, A ∴ B (Modus Ponens)
Informally: If your girlfriend asserts A, then you have to do B

This isn't to say you can't do B without your girlfriend asserting A. It is just to say that when she asserts A that you have no option but to do B, whatever A and B are.

The reason why pussy doesn't enter into the definition above is because doing B does not entail the affirmation of pussy acquisition. In addition, doing B does not necessarily entail anything further.
Kat: I don't like the colour of the walls, change it for me
Damien: Okay, I'll paint the walls /Whipped

Jess: You're getting a fat, go to the gym more often
Saul: Okay, I'll go to the gym more often /Whipped

GIIIIRRRLLLFFRRIEND: Oh heeeellll nawww, y'all best be gettin' a job you broke ass niggah!
Eddie: OH-KAY /Whipped
by Philoso-mofo February 11, 2012

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