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Any high place aggressively occupied by broadcasting masts or telecommunication towers.
They've put a telecropolis on the top of Pendle!
by philologue August 24, 2011
sexually well-mannered and considerate. It is not necessarily a virtue in all circumstances.
He was so spunktilious that our night together was a trifle tame.
by philologue August 24, 2011
One who habitually becomes embroiled in pig-headed confrontations.
That miserable cabhaggler is going to get a black eye very soon!
by philologue August 17, 2011
On insertion of the penis into an armpit, (usually not one's own), the recipient rotates the arm windmill-style until the desired consummation is attained.
We've tried everything except a windmill wank; there simply isn't room in her tiny bedsit.
by philologue August 15, 2011
bad halitosis
I started to french that chick but I nearly threw up on account of the catsbreath, man.
by philologue August 11, 2011
given to masturbation with the left hand

cf sinisterbation
There are lots of cackfapped guys around these days. When I was young we were rapped around the knuckles if we were caught doing it like that.
by philologue August 11, 2011
masturbation with the right hand cf sinisterbation, m with the left hand.
Not to be confused with dextrobation, dextrous masturbation
I tried dexterbation for a change last evening, but I expect I'll revert.
by Philologue August 11, 2011

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