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2 definitions by PhillyPhan

A park in Philadelphia, PA that houses the famous "Love" statue. Known for being an sweet place to skate due to it's awesome curved steps. However, skating in the park is apparently banned. :(
Skater 1: Dude, I'm new to Philly wheres a good place to skate?

Skater 2: Love Park is awesome if you dont get caught their...
by PhillyPhan July 10, 2008
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A guy who thinks he's ghetto, and sags his pants while continually using profanity at the worst times. A kriff thinks he is classy or preppy, but also likes to think he is black, when most of the time he isn't. In his head, he's a ladies man and is in love with himself, when he isn't anything special at all.
by phillyphan September 14, 2013
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