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French the llama is and expression a kin to 'oh my gosh!', 'blimey!' or 'cripes!' if you are Boris Johnson. It was popularised by John Green of the vlogbrothers and is used by followers of him or his channel.
French the llama! pirates of the carribean 3 was incredibly long winded and confusing...


French the llama, those tic tac were just the thing to rid me of my onion breath.
by Philly Ree December 28, 2009
Commonly mistaken as a period in russian history where one of the tsars ministers sergei witte sold peasants grain in order to bring about a large growth in russian industry and badly needed growth in russian transport network. Witte's Great spurt is actually the name given to, as the aforemetioned minister described it, 'My great jizzplosion' its is often used a as part of a analogy decribing a spurt of any liquid and more commonly spunk.
ZOMG when i came it was equivical to witte's great spurt!

That Sergei guy was intense, look at how far he spurts
by Philly Ree July 19, 2008
A sexual 'move' where the male dips his penis into some mango juice (although other juices are sometimes used) and proceeds to poke his partner in the eye with it, causing excruciating pain (hence one eyed). Following this, often after donning a pirate hat, the male penetrates the his partner roughly until they submit by yelling 'aye aye captain' (this is where the 'jim' originates from as jim is a common cabin boys name). After pulling this move not only will you partner be impressed, they will look like JIm the one eyed cabin boy
gossip1: Apparently, Tristan 'one eyed Jimmed' Katie yesterday!
gossip2: i heard that she was mad because the mango juice wasn't from concentrate!
by Philly ree June 19, 2008
a ridiculous spelling of the word fat. Ph@ is used to describe somthing that is cool in the same way that fat spelt phat may be used however the @ is more commonly used in electronic forms of communication and expresses a greater degree of ph@ness moreso than fat, or even phat
omg! that concert was PH@!!! and i mean ph@ spelt P-H- at symbol!
by Philly ree July 19, 2008
Used to describe the maximum distance a particular male can ejaculate (see exmaple 1)


A word used in place of jizz or spunk in slightly more formal contexts where disgretion is advisable or speakers are discussing jizz in a context where distance is particularly important (see example 2)
1: I managed 2.34 metres last night but your skoob or 2.67 metres is still top

2: Whats your furthest skoob Proffesor trish?
by Philly ree July 19, 2008
Large fruit with red and green skin and yellowy flesh. tastes like a Senagal morning wih a hint of Iraqy spice.The most sexual of all friuts involved in sexual moves like the one eyed jim.
With each chunk of the mango's delicious orangy flesh frazer could almost taste the soft spring rain on the sweeping countryside of Senagal.
by Philly ree July 19, 2008
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