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Somebody that has a big, useless mass with a dopey face. These people tend to need a kick in the face becasue they are liars and cheaters, they care for no one but themselves. Their genital area has a gruesome odour, they laugh like a girl and wear stupid Nike Shox that were blatantly on sale
"That boy is pure flouminous"
by Phillis April 10, 2005
Literally 'double sausages'. Referred to people with thick lips. Just like those gangster characters depicted in Old Master Q.
Alex is a mah yon cheong, but he thinks he is very handsome!
by Phillis November 15, 2003
Similar to flouminous, however describes an act of someone that is slightly flouminous. Floumage people like cheesestrings, have a lot of body hair are hopeless when it comes to making love even when they try their hardest. Floumage is most likely to have a genitalia infection due to sleeping with scabby faced females, these females tend to have names like 'Stacey', 'Jade' or 'Katie'.
"That boys dancing is complete floumage"
by Phillis April 10, 2005
Something you say whenever you want
"I got this shirt", "O, thats grits"


"Look at that hot girl", "Yeah dude, she is griiiits"
by Phillis March 17, 2005
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