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self proclaimed 3 year olds who usually use their last name in their myspace display name just because they are ego obsessed. 99% are unoriginal and just copy off of others, for example- Paul griffiths (owner of babycake clothing) uses the same image as bape shoes because he has no origanality in him, and just plays off of other peoples ideas. John hock stole much of his looks from corey pattakos but he is still known as an original?

Little do these people know that scene is dead just like emo. Now the new craze is hipster, but scene kings can't accept that its over and they are nothing more, so they try and sell their t-shirts to 12 year old acne covered emo kids who just found out about a thing called the internet.
"fuck copyright laws, I'm Paul griffiths and I'm hot, they can't touch me! Plz buy my shirts it will make you cool! Look at me, fat chicks think i'm hot and comment my pics! i'm still not cool enought to be one of the original scene kings."
by Phillip dick January 07, 2008

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