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4 definitions by Phillip W Evans

An strongly altered state of mind, induced no doubt by the ingestion of chemical substances.
Geezer X: How was last night?

Geezer Y: Mate, I was absolutely cunted!!
by Phillip W Evans December 02, 2006
223 70
Due to the high pollution levels in Hong Kong, the phrase "wrong like the air in Hong Kong" is used to describe a situation or state of well being that exhibits an air of unhealthiness.

The former British colony is affected by two sources of air pollution. One is local street level pollution, emitted primarily by diesel vehicles. The second is regional smog, caused by a combination of pollutants from motor vehicles, industry and power plants both in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta region.

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government gives high priority to controlling both street level air pollution and smog; however, it still remains "wrong like the air!"
Friend 1: How are you feeling today?

Friend 2: Wrong like the air in Hong Kong!

Friend 3: What happened at that party?

Friend 4: It was Hong Kong! Wrong like the air!
by Phillip W Evans December 04, 2006
12 3
Basically it refers to a situation that is most splendid and the person saying it is definately not posh as fuck.
Bloke A: What do you reckon about this church like mate?

Bloke B: It's posh as fuck mate, lush as fuck!!
by Phillip W Evans November 25, 2006
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When a person is content at that particular moment in time.
Geezer A: How are you?

Geezer B: Fucking diesel!

Geezer A: Safe blood
by Phillip W Evans December 02, 2006
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