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6 definitions by Phillip Pino


1) The feelings of sheer elation from experiencing what might be the best burger you have ever had in your life.

2) Enjoying a burger from what might be the mecca of all burger places.
hey you guys know i have been in search of the best burger in the D.C. Wandered over to Rogue States burger company and had one of their "No Burger No Cry" burgers. The burger was so juicy and delicious. I had a Burgasm.
by Phillip Pino March 18, 2010
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Refers to the someone who obviously does not live in the Washington, DC but somewhere in Maryland or Virginia.
"Did you see that guy with the blow out and the Ed Hardy trying to get into 18th street?"

"Yeah, ...so Beltway."
by Phillip Pino April 19, 2010
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When a white girl and a person of color(or the other way around) have anal intercourse.

Comes from the Reese's Peanut Buttercup commercials. "Your chocolate is in my peanut butter. No your peanut butter is in my chocolate."
I was hooking up with Angela when she asked me if I wanted to Peanut Buttercup.
by Phillip Pino August 04, 2010
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Outer Loop refers to people outside the DC beltway. not exactly country. But definitely a different breed.

This term is similar to Orange and Blue and So Beltway. But a bit more extreme.
"So, I was sitting at Riverside Grille people-watching when I saw this total donkey bringing his weak sauce game to the waterfront. He was definitely Outer Loop."
by Phillip Pino April 20, 2010
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Orange and Blue refers to bar areas that is full of people from outside DC proper. They are called "Orange and Blue" because those are the metro lines that bridge No. VA into DC.
"What's good this tonight?"

"I was thinking of heading to U Street, but it's so Orange and Blue on the weekends."
by Phillip Pino April 19, 2010
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a beautiful female who happens to be a minority.

a beautiful female who is in the minority as it pertains to a decision|choice.
Pretty self explanatory.
"Sofia Vergara is a fineority."
"Grace Park is a fineority."
"Paz de la Huerta is a fineority."
"Beyonce is a fineority."
by Phillip Pino March 01, 2013
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