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Pretty much government since the Cold War has begun. Yet, contrary to democrat/liberal belief George Bush isn't the only one who has done wiretapping because other notable Democrat presidents that have illegally wiretapped are Jimmey Carter and Bill Clinton.
Guy 1: Hey, Vincent Foster was totally killed by Big Brother.
Guy 2: Ya, Clinton sure wanted to screw that dude up but Bush is letting me get full cavity searched at the airport.
by Phillip Kaltenbach June 21, 2006
A game that is in fact a lot better than football. You run faster, hit harder, have little rest, get punched on a constant basis because the other team that started it thinks your dirty (it's not my fault), and at least in Wisconsin someone gets a concussion a game. Why do pads make it more dangerous? They cushion you and slow the players down a bit. Football has a stoppage every 10 seconds, while Rugby does not.
I speared a guy so hard in Fond du Lac he didn't get up for a few minutes then ran over and tackled another dude. Finally, I ran after some massive forward and said "Aww, Fuck it I am playing rugby". Then I whipped my body at him to slow him down because he was twice my size and could bench press my whole family.
by Phillip Kaltenbach August 17, 2006
A random dreidel is an act of sexual nature. It is when a woman decides to shift positions by spinning her entire body while on top. This is accomplished usually in a quick motion which usually hurts the man because his cock becomes twisted without warning.
Guy 1: Why are you holding your crotch?

Guy 2: My woman last night decided to pull a random dreidel.
by Phillip Kaltenbach June 02, 2006
An expression that originated from John Kilday meaning that he thinks a woman is damn sexy.
John: How are you doing Senorita Sexypants?

Kayla: Just fine, thank you.
by Phillip Kaltenbach June 26, 2006
A salty slug is a sexual act which involves the use of cocaine. It is performed by making a "line" on a penis and then a woman proceeds with giving the male a blowjob while trying to snort as much cocaine as possible.
Guy 1: You do anything freaky lately?

Guy 2: Yeah, I had this bag of coke and let this chick give me a salty slug!
by Phillip Kaltenbach June 14, 2006
A cutey pie is a quarter pound of something and by something it is usually marijuana.
Guy 1: Hey, you go to the northside and stock up yet?

Guy 2: Yea, I got a whole cutey pie.
by Phillip Kaltenbach June 26, 2006
Shit on a shingle, it is basically a poor ass excuse for a meal that I have eaten many times. All it is a piece of toast with hamburger that has been browned with gravy in a pan, but it does taste ok if you pour salt on it.
The military paid my dad shit all the time so my mum made a whole lot of SOAS all the time.
by Phillip Kaltenbach August 31, 2006

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