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America's ugliest city. It is located in Iowa, on Interstate 380. Often referred to as the "City of Five Smells," it’s home to several chemical & feed plants that create a dense, putrid fog that surrounds the community.
The city is based along the Cedar River, and residential areas spread across the land with no development plan, confusing locals and the rare unfortunates who happen to stumble upon the eyesore in search of other venues across the state.
It is home to the largest population of Czechoslovakians (commonly known as "bohemies") in the US. This roaming band of simpletons has controlled the city for over a century, creating a city complete disregard for taste or sensibility, illegal houseboat colonies on the Cedar River, a practice of bulldozing half the community every 30 years in the name of "urban renewal," and a penchant for ineffective flood control which has caused the city to be nearly destroyed by several floods in the past.
In recent years, City officials have done everything possible to completely destroy any "identity" Cedars Rapids may have laid claim to by renaming the airport, referring to the area as "the Corridor", and re-naming nearly half the city as "The Czech Village."
A final note to those who may wish to see such a place of mythical tackiness, bad taste, and poor judgment - Beware- the city has installed speed and red-light cameras at nearly every intersection as a final "fuck you" to everyone wishing to flee the area as soon as possible.
Why does Waterloo have so many black people, and Cedar Rapids have so many Bohemies?? Because Waterloo got first pick.

What is that smell, I think I'm going to be sick!! Oh, it's just Cedar Rapids.
by Phillip H Menkin January 11, 2011

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