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Usually associated with the ecstasy experience but can also refer to a bowl of pot/weed/grass that is lit and is still burning. If a bowl is rolling there is no need to light it.
In relation to ecstasy, "Man, I took a molly about three hours ago and I am rollin'!"
In relatioin to pot,"Hey hit that quick, it's rollin' you don't need a light."
by Phillip Glass February 01, 2006
A strain of marijuana named by the movie, "American Beauty". This particular strain has never been proven to actually exist. Supposedly it was created for medicinal patients by the U.S. government but anyone who knows anything about the U.S. governemnt knows that they don't provide dank weed for their patients. It's all schwag. People who claim to have smoked this stuff lied to you.
"This is G-13, genetically engineered by the U.S. government". "Is that the stuff we smoked last night?" "This is all I ever smoke." "How much?" "Two grand."
by Phillip Glass April 04, 2006

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