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1:descriptive term, used to describe a person who is faithful and self sacrificing, even so far to allow an extra-relational affair; but at the same time will remain faithful to that person. 2: a description for a person on a righteous and honest path giving a wholehearted effort to remain upon it, wavering little and having true conviction.
Bridget knew about my affair, yet she is, and always will be, Evertrue I think and this brings me great joy, because now, I can say the same.
#ever #true #evertrue #faithful #conviction #determined
by Phillip Crom June 11, 2007
Tres`Wick: a conjunction of the words Tres (french for very or much) and wicked; meaning something is very cool or very different and thus desireable.
the best example I can give is : its not cool, its not awesome; it is Tres`Wick or cooler than cool, more awesome than awesome
#wicked #awesome #cool #radical #wild
by Phillip Crom June 07, 2007
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