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2 definitions by Phillip Cluskey

The various nefarious adult publications found ripped up underneath bushes/hedges at bus stops and public conveniences etc. (Pregnant Asian Babes, Razzle, Hairy & German)

Named after the hugely popular 5 piece comedy showband of the 1960's onwards.
'I alighted the bus to discover a small pile of disgarded grumbleweed on the roadside. Not only had the vibration of the bus journey aroused me, It now seemed that the aforementioned publication had provoked a small droplet of sperm to emit from my bell end'.
by Phillip Cluskey June 03, 2005
8 3
If there's been a drop in the level of hygiene in our bumcrack area; following mild accidental weeping or the 'rubbing in' of 'post-poo' poo with toilet paper; there becomes a potential risk of 'making gravy', if exercise occurs during this state and sweat ventures into the bumcrack, the subsequent mix of sweat and poo can result in a state of 'making gravy'.
I'm Making Gravy, I ran for the bus but I missed it, if only I hadn't stopped for a poo, now I'm late AND I smell like Spanish Cheese.
by Phillip Cluskey April 03, 2007
15 12