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people use "Oh Girl" when they don't want to use the girls real name OR just forgot the name of a particular girl.
its also a shorter version of saying Jane Doe
did you her about Oh Girl getting fired?.,

i'm going to take Oh Girl out tonight.,
by Phillip Jennings September 16, 2007
chattin it up is Conversing with others, it can be anyone from: a friend, foe, or even that speacial some on that you are "talkin to"
what you doing? nada mane just chattin it up wit oh girl.,

Do some work dont just be sittin there chattin it up.,
by Phillip Jennings September 16, 2007
gayin it up is basically not wanting to help or join others in time of need, not co-operating, or when someone is just being VERY difficult and/or selfish.
OR just acting in a homosexual manner.
Tom does not want to play Xbox with us there for he is gayin it up.,

Stop gayin it up and come with us to the club.,

those men over there holding hands are gayin it up.,
by Phillip Jennings September 16, 2007
"Hundred Hand Fap" is the combination to two know phrases. "Hunder Hand" comes from a Godly game called Street Fighter 2, a character named E. Honda would use a move called the Hundred Hand Slap. The last part of the phrase "Fap" i guess come from the internet somewhere. Fapping is the sound effect a male would make when he masturbates, Strokes his Wii(beats his meat)
Samir, get off street fighter and come hang out. You cant be hundred hand fagging it to Chung li and Blanka every day,
Damn this pr0n is tight finna hundred hand fap that jawn(joint)
by Phillip Jennings August 26, 2008
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