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short for "and shit like that" over used by me
i like tits n' shit
by phill stone January 21, 2004
The most origanal songwriter ever, he made tenacious d look like westlife, no one can ever replace him, god speed
Suck my dogs dick
Suck my dogs dick
Suck my dogs dick
Suck my dogs dick
by Phill Stone April 15, 2004
the living representation of god on earth, jesus has nothing against her, she will rulle our lives for eternaty
i love you uma
by Phill Stone January 16, 2004
the greatest band to walk the world and rulers of humanaty, before jon death, and still now they rule...
the greatest band in the world

i love you feeder
by Phill Stone January 16, 2004
1. 42
2. To reach your absolution.
3. survive the apocolypse in the final century, this one...
mummy, whats the meaning of life?
Mum: fuck off, tidy your room, and its 42 by the way
by Phill Stone May 05, 2004
the person who rides girth like a horney chimp
get of me you fuckin girth monkey
by Phill Stone January 16, 2004
you lot are all fuckin twats, u dont know fuck all, i work there, and im in college doin a BTEC, and im dumb compared to the rest of em, and only 2 types of food is done in a microwave, the rest is COOKed on the grill or in the vats, most emplyees are part time while they go college, and the rest are almost managers, which earns you good pay when you get in to it,
While were not cooking, were messin around and havin a laugh, its actuly fun.
So all you retards who dis, i suggest you get a fuckin life you cunts, come back when you know what its like in there
a Resturant that serves a range of food and healthy eating is an option.
Standards are high, and no1 jizzed in any food in any plyouth resturant, its all bull!
by Phill Stone April 12, 2004
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