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A poop that floats above the water in the toliet and releases a large ammount of stench.
You create a lincolin log poopy by layering the toilet water with tolet paper and then taking a shit in a log form and it will become supported by the toilet water and poke out of the toilet.
"Hey man look at that lincolin log poopy I left in that stall."
by Phill De Conick March 18, 2005
aka a floater, boat or lincolin log poop

you can easily form these by:
1 before pooping cover the toilet water with toilet paper. enough so it can withstain a gaint load.
2 then POOP POOP and POOP some more.
3 DO NOT FLUSH! thats the important part.
This makes it so the log you just left will poke out of the toilet and stink like shit
i just left a floater!
by Phill De Conick March 17, 2005
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