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Lemming is a term originally coined by the fashion world in the late 90s that is used to describe a person who's purchases are based on hype alone. They are a member of a crowd with no originality or voice of their own and blindly speaks or religiously repeats only what they have been told. Related to the lemming of the nature world (a small monkey/rodent): if one of the lemmings jumps off a cliff, they all do.

An iLemming is a term used to encapsulate the essence behind all the apple fanatics, who not only live in an apple reality distortion field, but, find it impossible to hear any criticism towards apple and believe apple, a billion dollar corporation, can do no wrong. Related to the PC and microsoft nerds from the 1980s (who are on the international endangered species list)
"that guy is a total iLemming"


"he thinks the sun shines out of Steve Jobs Arse"
by Philk March 03, 2008

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