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A portable phone designed for communicating wirelessly through the use of towers called "cells" hence the name "cell phone". Originally very expensive to buy and call on and fairly bulky, are now in some cases free and very small. As they've gotten smaller, more features have been incorperated like silent mode (vibrate or no ring) and other features like MP3 capability, ring tone, camera, color screen and some more features found in more advanced cell phones called "smartphones" with PDA like functions. Can also be used as "pleasure device" for women too cheap to purchase a vibrator...
"Dude I got this sick camera phone the other day!" -Other Dude "Dude your a cheapass for getting only a cameraphone! I got a smartphone a week ago and it's got 18231371 more features than yours does!
"Omg becky like the other day like my BF like dumped me so I had to like use my phone I mean you know like what I mean? Like I turned on the vibrate function and like OMG it felt like sooo good."
-becky "Like totally girl friend! I do that like every weekend like thats why like I mean like I don't have like a boyfriend ya know?"
by Philippine mango July 17, 2005
A guy on the show Reno 911 who wears very very short/tight pants, is chief of police and is gay (or at least acts gay).
What the hell is up with dangle on Reno 911, always wearing those very tight short shorts. Him riding that bicycle with those very tight shorts is just so wrong...
by Philippine Mango July 04, 2005
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