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1. to resolve grievances through violence
2. (in football) to commit a personal foul, worth a 15 yard penalty
1. When someone wrongs one of my friends, I take it upon myself to give the business.
2. Personal foul on number 99 of the defense, after he tacked the quarterback, he's giving him the business down there! That's a fifteen yard penalty!
by Philip Welch November 27, 2007
A term used by "Hannibal" Smith as a euphemism for a frontal assault. Used by The A-Team in nearly all engagements.

A "pincer" maneuver involves a force splitting into two and attacking the enemy from both sides, thus a "half pincer" logically means the force attacks the enemy from only one side.
Hannibal - "Now, the plan is your basic straight-on surprise hit-n-run attack. If anything goes sour, we split-up and rendezvous at the drop zone. Got it?"

BA - "This ain't much of a plan, Hannibal."

Hannibal - "Are you kidding? It's a classic! It's your half pincer movement inside a guarded perimeter. Tried and true, BA!"
by Philip Welch September 09, 2009
An opportunity to make a pun—itself a pun on "opening", except with "pun" included. Not to be confused with "O'punning", the act of punning in Gaelic.
Q: Was this an intentional pun or one that just happened?
A: Maybe it just happuned but I wouldn't put it past him to have seen an opuning and gone for it. Me, I'd never do anything like that.
by Philip Welch November 30, 2007

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