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1. That guy who took all of our base
2. The funniest animal on earth. Next to the platypus.
1. Take off every zig.
2. The cats all jumped when the flashlight moved.
by Philip George October 27, 2005
The application that many private schools use so their parents can know the students grades before their report cards.
Omfg, I flipping hate PowerSchool -_-.
by Philip George September 30, 2005
A form of flirting that desperate shy faggots use because they can't handle talking to a girl in person
Hey Burger, stop e-macking on AIM and get off my computer.
by Philip George September 09, 2005
Something so odd and out of place that, instead of being queer or wierd alone, it them put together, making a state of supreme confusion
Guy "You like spoons?"
Girl "Gosh, your a quierd one."
by Philip George March 29, 2006
short for friday The greatest day known to man.
I can't wait till fri! ^-^
by Philip George September 30, 2005
the button shortcut to copy something on a webpage. Also used the bug the hell out of people in chatrooms.
Ctrl+c that pic man, she's got one fine 244!
by Philip George September 21, 2005
to put all of the consequences unto another person. Usually to get yourself out of trouble.
Teacher "Who poo'd all over the floor?"
Child, "I blame Jimmy!"
by Philip George September 19, 2005

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