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1. A classic Nursery Rhyme always sung in preschools, day cares, and kindergarten classes all over.
2. One of the most gothic songs ever.

Although never confirmed, this seemingly harmless nursery rhyme is believed by many people to refer to the Black Plague in Europe during the Middle Ages. It seems quite strange, and even a little scary for 5 year old kids to be singing to this song.

Here's a breakdown of the song:

Ring Around the Rosey(victims of the plague would usually have a red, swollen ring around their eyes)

A pocket full of posies(people would carry flowers in their pockets to cover the lingering smell of death, and some people even thought they would ward off the disease)

Ashes, Ashes(this refers to the fact that they would take dead bodies and people suffering from the disease, throw them in pits, and burn their bodies to slow down the spread of the disease)

We all fall down(basically this means death)

Ring around the Rosey.
A pocket full of posies.
Ashes, Ashes.
We all fall down.

The thought of innocent children singing this song in their nursery schools is pretty bone chilling.
by Philip Cunningham January 25, 2007
I'm talking about the one and only PIZZA!!!! OF COURSE!!!!
I just had a little "Slice of Heaven" for lunch.
by Philip Cunningham January 26, 2007
The main, center street of Las Vegas. It's where most of the casinos are, and should've stayed. It's overcrowded, on-and-off gridlock traffic, stupid, double decker buses called the Duece(inside joke, lol), that charge more than the regular buses, and sometimes there will be a stupid bus driver that's driving a full bus with no room to move around at all, that will still pick up 3 or 4 more people. Overpriced stores, bars and restaurants. Stuck-up, overrated clubs that charge $20 to get in and the minimum price for a drink is $15. The defining street of Las Vegas, fake, overpriced, overrated, crowded, stupid, plastic, gay, anti-under 21, alcohol, and gambling.

I'm actually exaggerating, but whatever.

Tourist: The Strip is the greatest street in the world!

Resident: The Strip is getting tired and boring.

Native Resident: I only go to the Strip with relatives in town during the summer, because it's too gay.
by Philip Cunningham December 26, 2006
This is very common in Vegas, hence the name. This applies to cities pretty much. Here are the symptoms: 1. Most of the major or important attractions, clubs, restaurants and stores being placed in or near a casino and/or in one area, thus making the rest of the city very boring, 2. Culture, art and local scenes are irrelevant, 3. The city only paying attention to what will attract tourists and not giving a crap about what locals will do, and 4. Only one or two parts of the city will be interesting, with the rest being very dull, boring, and bland.

If you're living in a developing city and it has any of these symptoms, GET THE HELL OUT ASAP!!!!!
Las Vegas Syndrome example 1: Person 1: I want to try a new restaurant. Person 2: Cool, lets go to one of the casinos here.

Example 2: Person 1: I'm new to this town, so here are some things I want to know: Do you know a cool theater where I can find a local rock band? Or some street art? What about the local poetry bars?
Person 2: You've got to be kidding! (then he starts laughing his ass off)

Example 3: Person 1: The clubs and restaurants here are so expensive.
Person 2: They're for tourists, DUH!
Person 1: What's for the locals then?
Person 2: The best restaurants in town I can afford are my grandma's house and Mickey D's.

Example 4: Person 1: Just about all the shit to do here is over in that part of town. There isn't shit to do elsewhere.
Person 2: I know, for real.

Person 1: This city straight up sucks.

by Philip Cunningham February 09, 2007
This is a nickname that can be applied to any city with a wide array and variety of entertainment options. Personally, I don't think this term should be applied to Las Vegas, because they have excessive amounts of nightclubs, bars, and casinos with all other entertainment options being sparse to almost non-existent. If that was the entertainment capital of the world, I shudder to think how boring the rest of the world is(sarcasm). They also need culture, historical significance, things for the under-21 crowd, museums, street performers, distinct neighborhoods and villages, local scene, etc...in order to deserve that title. I think it's more appropriate that this title be applied to cities like: Los Angeles, Miami, New York, anywhere in Mexico, Amsterdam, and a few other cities I can't think of right now.
Las Vegas dosen't deserve the title of "The Entertainment Capital of the World" as it's too limited when it comes to entertainment options.

Excessive amounts of bars, clubs, and casinos dosen't make you an example of that kind of city.

Amsterdam is way closer to being "The Entertainment Capital of the World" then Vegas is.
by Philip Cunningham January 13, 2007

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