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1. Apparently the most sensitive part of the female genitalia; typically responds well to any kind of medium/light pressure stimulation. Also known as the loveholebutton or clitoris

2. A term for one who practices the art of clitoral stimulation, also usually assuming relatively high amounts of skill.

Derived from shortening and bastardisation of the words: 'flick of magic'
I just love your little flikamajik - it sparkles like the dew on a moonlit night
by PhilR March 27, 2005
a composite of the words love, hole, and button, this word is used to describe the clitoris
I'm the best flikamajik your loveholebutton has, or ever will come into contact with. Take off your clothes now.
by PhilR March 27, 2005
The term used for Arsenal, after they were chucked out of Woolwich, South London.
That bunch of arseholes are just Woolwich Rejects. Scum.
by PhilR December 22, 2003
That marupual thing or whatever it's called.
by PhilR August 14, 2003
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