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1st)Bastards that reckon there Punk because they have got Americn Idiot, and wont do what Mrs Baileys tells them to do! Oh Fuck Yes Go JAmes Mould! O h i cn do a scaottish accent everyone laugh at mE!

2nd) Oh i h8 they Green DAy there such sell outs (which is the only reason they got t know about them) (dont you think its sad to start h8ing a band just bcuz suddenlya load of gay retards fuckin love 'em hell its annoying but that is it!) er where ws I!

3rd) start wearing make up and slowly trn in2 either a goth or an 'Emo' and commit sucide. What a sad Excistence, a life pretending to be sumfin you know nuffin about, and then killing yourself because you think it makes you punk! sad sad people
Oh yes im punk Green day are shiT! "....................Shut up you DICK HEAD!".........wannabe Punk's
by Phil the cheating bastard November 01, 2005

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