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Only the cuttest character of DBZ who has purple hair
Pan stay away, Trunks is mine!
by Phil MiCock March 05, 2004
A mans eyes bulging at the site of some intesesting images
(.)_(.)wow those are large... mammary glands.
by Phil MiCock March 02, 2004
to grow a pair of balls, implying that one is rather wimpish
come on Timmy grow a set!
by Phil MiCock March 02, 2004
(1)Some rich, cheap people who goes to the free lunch program and eats for free.
(2)The Food lovin' fuckers that try to ask for food or go anywhere that food is given.
Damn, that muthafucka is going up their for 23rds, stupid freeloaders.
by Phil Micock November 03, 2003
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