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This is different than a rimjob. A rimjob would, however, be a precursor to anilingus. It is the act of plunging one's tongue into the anal cavity of your sexual partner and then swirling and thrusting aforementioned tongue in an effort to make said partner happy.

It is well advised to wash the anus that is to be pleasured thoroughly (and perhaps even douche) before attempting this.
After a thorough scrubbing, he performed analingus on her.
by Phil McKrackin March 04, 2005
The scattered sperm after a male ejaculates into a rotary oscilating unit.
After fucking the bitch, he used her fan to spackle the room.
by Phil McKrackin March 04, 2005
Oh Dis

A term coined by 6th graders at St. Gregs school meaning lack of respect, esteem, or courteous regard.

tr.v. O-dis (·re·spect·ed), O-dis (·re·spect·ing), O-dis (·re·spects)
To show a lack of respect for: disrespected her elders; disrespected the law.
Groo: Yo, Tommy and Mad Dog. Did you see that slam dunk that Frankie just made on Anthony.
Mad Dog: Yea, we did. He schooled him in the finer arts of b-ball.
Groo: Oh Dis!!!!
by Phil McKrackin December 07, 2004
Mad Dog
n. Andrew C., you know, that crazy kid that lives around the corner.
Mr. Groo: "Sup Mad Dog, you're pretty fly, for a white guy!"
Mad Dog:"Tanks Mr. G, you da man...!"
by Phil McKrackin December 07, 2004
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