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5 definitions by Phil Korn

Someone who enjoys eating filthy, slutty twat.
Fuck man, you probably wouldn't have that sick rash all over your face if you weren't such a slut muncher.
by Phil Korn March 09, 2006
A sexual act involving two males, one of which must be uncircumsized. With the two erect penises end to end, male 1 proceeds to jerk himself off using male 2's foreskin. For a truly fantastic sensation he then proceeds to ejaculate into male 2's foreskin.
Dammit Mike, why don't you go stroodle Andrew's noodle.
by Phil Korn April 24, 2007
A sexual encounter involving tires. Similar to a threesome, but with tires.
Justin is chaffed and covered in friction burns from an erotic tiresome last evening.
by Phil Korn November 05, 2010
Quite possibly the worst breed of dog in existence today. A cross between a poodle and a lab, resulting in a dog that is scared of its own shadow and refuses to fetch sticks. It is a common misconception that labradoodles are intelligent dogs, when in reality they have the equivalent brain power of domesticated turkeys.
Joe: Hey, what's the stupid looking dog that jumps when it sees it's own shadow?
Fred: A labradoodle, if you ever get one I will smack you.
by Phil Korn November 01, 2006
The best way to have sex, without a condom. Actually much safer than sex with a condom because if you get an STD twice, they cancel out and you are immune to that perticular STD for the rest of your life.

Commonly missinterpreted to have something to do with riding horses.
Paying for condoms to have sex is essentially prostitution, riding bareback is the solution to this problem.
by Phil Korn March 09, 2006