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a female that likes it up the pooper
Jim: I did Jenny up the butt last night
Bob: I did her up the butt a few days ago
Jim: Man, she is such a poopwhore
by Phil H September 13, 2002
code word for an extremely hot chick.
Phil: Xabadoh to the left!
Joey: She's hot, but her friend is nasty!
Phil: You're right, the friend is a Xabadog.
by Phil H April 15, 2004
fooking drunken arsehole... loves attention.. hates socialising....
by Phil H August 20, 2003
the expression yelled prior to launching a rotten cheeseball out of a movie car, normally directed at a pedestrian
Dave yelled "Have some cheese" and then chucked a stanky cheeseball out of the car window, nailing a senior citizen on the head
by Phil H September 13, 2002

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