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The scene in a cheesy action movie where bullets are flying in every direction from uncountable guns but miraculously no one especially the hero gets hurt.
The Antonym is overkill the scene where everyone except the hero gets blown to bits .

Going out on the town and not hooking up after a night on the hunt.
That budget epic was so bad they didnt even buy any blood packs for the climax underkill ending
#overkill #underkil #luckout #b grade #over the top #cheesy
by Phil DuChard June 15, 2007
Marketing/Public relations slang term for the effectiveness of a PR message, display, graphic icons, layout or webpage to hijack attention and in that instant the message (positive and helpful or propaganda)is received and comprehended by the viewer.
If we tailor the presentation correctly, capture the emotion of the product, we should be able to eyejack the audience long enough to inform them of our promotion.
#eyejacked #eye-jack #hijacked #hi-jacked #hijack
by Phil DuChard February 06, 2007
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