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Usually derogatory. A tourist at the (New Jersey) shore. He can often be identified by his pasty palor and inapprpriate clothing, e.g. black knee-socks with bobos (inexpensive footware), plaid shorts, and a shirt emblazoned with "I'm With Stupid." Etymology: said to derive from the "shoebox" in which shoobees once packed their lunches. Alternative etymology: from the refrain of popular Philadelphia music of 1950's and 1960's (example: "shoobee doo-wop"). Often shortened to shoob.
"Why do these f***ing shoobees have to brake at every f***ing intersection??"

"Hey, check out the shoob!"
by Phil DeYoung September 12, 2004
n. A person who is not nice.

adj. lakey. Slipshod, not up to par.

Etymology: unknown
"He ain't nothin' but a big lake!"

"That dress is lakey, Jane."
by Phil DeYoung September 12, 2004
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