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Comics and Cartoons board on 4chan. Inhabited by:

* Fanboys of My Little Pony, Adventure Time, The Regular Show, and Homestuck (the en vogue series as of May 2011) whom will flood the board with general threads.

* Adult men who idolize comic book superheroes.

* "Nostalgia goggled" anons who think 80's - early 00's cartoons are some of the best ever simply because they were childhood favorites.

* Trolls who post fetish drawings or laughably terrible deviantart drawings.
Typical /co/ thread

OP: What was the best cartoon ever? I vote for Dexter's Laboratory. (pic is most likely a fetish image of an anime Dexter getting his feet tickled by a foot fetishist)
Anon #1: Ed, Edd n Eddy was the best cartoon ever made!
Anon #2: lol faggot. Pre-movie Spongebob was!
Anon #3: Adventure Time is, no contest.
Anon #4: newfags, Looney Tunes was.
Everyone: >>Anon#4 take off your nostalgia goggles nigger! (irony)
by Phil Bi The Science Guy May 06, 2011

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